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Sujet : 🌻🦝 LORD$ - Try Again 🦝🌻
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19 octobre 2022 à 23:13:22

Hi everyone !

Try Again is a zelda-like parody game and contains boss fights against Satan on Giants steps.
It was made by members of the band "LORD$" to accompany their vinyl release.
All band members are present in the game among other music celebrities like Thundercat, Louis cole, Jacob collier, Anderson .Paak & a lot more.
The game length is about 5 hours with a total of 9 bosses and lots of easter eggs !

(FREE on Steam)

- Fighting PVE
- Easters Eggs
- Throwing dogs
- 9 Bosses
- Original music made by LORD$
- Souls-like Systems and Difficulty
- 3-4 hours first run (more to collect everything)
- Unlockable unreleased music at the end of the game
- 6 different biomes (desert, snow, forest, ruins, ocean & swamp)

Thanks ! Hope you enjoy !

Sujet : 🌻🦝 LORD$ - Try Again 🦝🌻
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