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Sujet : Sib and spit on Salem .. Petros is proud of victory in the "insult" of the crescent
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07 mars 2023 à 14:12:12

Brazilian Petros Aravo, the former midfield of Al -Nasr and the current Al -Fateh Club, sparked a major crisis, during the confrontation of Al -Hilal, on Monday evening.

Al-Hilal (1-2) lost to Al-Fateh, on Monday evening, in the postponed match of round 18, in the Saudi Professional Roshen League competition 2022-2023.

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With this result, the leader froze at point 33, in the fifth place in the Saudi Roshen League table, with two postponed matches.

  • A serious crisis in the Al -Hilal and Al -Fateh match due to Petros Aravo

The match witnessed a major crisis, when Petros entered violently, on the foot of Salem Al -Dossary, the magician of the first football team in Al -Hilal Club.

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The Brazilian star was not satisfied with the violent intervention on Salem, but rather went to him, spit on him and directed insults to him, in a disgraceful scene in the Saudi stadiums.

After the end of the match, the Hilal fans launched the booing whistles at Petros Arakho, who responded to them with a "provocative movement".

Petros also sent a message to Al -Alami Castle, after the Al -Hilal match; Saying: "As usual ... amnesty Al -Nasr Club." In reference to the help of the yellow team, unilaterally with the league.

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The first football team in Al -Nasr Club is leading the Saudi Roshen Professional League table, with 46 points; After 19 rounds.

Sujet : Sib and spit on Salem .. Petros is proud of victory in the "insult" of the crescent
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